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The Law

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No New Posts Site Litany

Behold the code of law and rule, the list of command and chain, of which all those who dare grace this fair land must thoroughly examine or face certain punishment. The rules, for those of us looking for the short answer.

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3 3 Information Sources
by Destination Darkness
Jan 24, 2007 18:23:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Within the Apocalypse

A condensed, digitized description of all that we are and all that shall ever become of us. The past, the present and what the future may behold. May all your questions be put to rest in its LED lights.

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by Destination Darkness
Jan 26, 2007 15:49:41 GMT -5

The Pack

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No New Posts The Players

Though we communicate via computers and electronic means, we are all real people here. Real people we should know the names of, people we should be able to recognize and know as we would know our real life friends. So, do be so kind as to introduce yourself.

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by tayjoycrafteamsre
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No New Posts The Garou

Once you've told us a little about yourself, it's time to join the pack with a character of your own. despite the title, it doesn't have to be a Garou. Your character can be any number of creatures in the W:tA universe.

Sub-board: Pack Registration

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by tayjoycrafteamsre
Apr 17, 2021 0:16:36 GMT -5
No New Posts The Non-playables

Any other extraneous characters you may wish to use in role-play, anything from Black Spirals to possessed Ananasi to the brain-damaged hobo beneath the overpass. Short bios are required for any significant NPCs. One-posters don't need them but should you wish to use the NPC repeatedly, there should a bio for it.

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by tayjoycrafteamsre
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The City

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No New Posts The Great Gray-back Bridge

A mighty bridge is the first to cloud your senses. The smoke and exhaust of the hundreds of cars piled up in traffic jams clouds your nostrils and the tall suspension beams and wires reach to the skies above. Though heavily packed in the day time, the bridge is a sort of sanctuary at night, when the moon is at her fullest and the bay reflects her magesty.

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No New Posts The Bay of Wolves

Surrounding the island city, crystal clear waters so pure, so smooth and soft, they seem out of place in the modern metropolis. At least on the eastern side of the isle. The northern side is packed with ships and boats, leading out into the open sea and tainted black by the factories and industries on the shore. Soon, the whole bay will be choked in darkness and the stray dogs will have to find water elsewhere.

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No New Posts The Grange

Just over the great grand bridge lays the most sorry excuse for human establishment one could imagine. Leaning buildings with crumbling foundations nestled between tall, towering and rather unsettling apartments and houses. Children romp barefoot through the garbage filled streets and leaky gas stations dot each corner, each with their fair share of drug dealers and gang members. It once had a name but is now called The Grange for lack of a better way to describe the sorry place.

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No New Posts Medowbrooke High School

As if to bridge the gap between societies, a fair brick building lays nestled on the city's main street in the only patch of grass for miles. The students seem segregated, the rich on one level, the poor on another and the middle class wrestling for a place in the fray. And the teachers... well, we'll just call them casualties of war...

Sub-boards: The Cafeteria, The Gym, The Classrooms

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No New Posts The Durango

Named for the major car dealership that dominates its entrance, The Durango is more accurately known for it's difference compared to the area across the street. Unlike the dusty, dirty, harsh Grange, this neighborhood and adjacent streets are relatively clean-cut and peaceful. Everyone has a yard and a drive way with bright siding on their houses and gentle sloping roof tops and all that gorgeous stuff... but it's not too high felutant.

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No New Posts The Cotten-eye

Fear the shady, suggestive, almost disturbing environment most commonly known as 'The Scene' or 'Nightlife'. Oh yes, in the midst of the largest nightclub in the city, all is not well. From beer to fights to mafia hits and gang wars, the Cotten-eye has certainly earned its bloodied reputation, particularly with the supernaturals who prey there.

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No New Posts The Main Street Square

Deep in the midst of the busy city life, nestled in the shadows of the great and grand skyscrapers, in the middle of all the modernized examples of human civilization, life seems to have taken a step in reverse, decorated with small shops and little shacks like an open market of old times. Stray dogs haunt the area in search of food and humans crowd the tiny side streets and corners in the pursuit of a good time.

Sub-boards: The Tower Supercenter, Datascope Cyper Cafe, Little Pete's

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No New Posts Torches

Though it's title may seem suggestive, even terrifying to the faintest of heart, Torches is one of those 'romantic restautrants on the shore', the ones with the huge windows for couples to get lost in and the luxurious carpet you wish you could get on the floors of your house. Though pleasant almost to the point of being fancy and even swanky, most would not consider it so. The food is mildly priced and, though your typical up-scale dinners are available, most of the menu is decorated with the common place meals of hamburgers and pizza and what have you.

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No New Posts Rockafella Shore

On the west flank of the little island city, the ragged egdes and steep banks seemed to have changed their tone, changing their stiff demeanors for the gentle slope of a sandy beach. Though insanely close to the industrial docks and what not, it is protected from the sludge and grime by a rather large filter, making in the perfect place to watch the sun sink below the horizon.

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No New Posts The Harbor of Wolves

Right beside the massive Industrial park, the harbor seems like a wound in the island side, a space carved out mercilessly by the blade of the hot knife of man. It bleeds ships constantly, some of trade but others of pleasure. Anything from fishing boats to cruses grace this sound, each one taking another piece of the crystal bay and smashing it to dark, shattered pieces of Wyrm.

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No New Posts Industrial Park

Packed with factories and powerplants, this area is certainly one to avoid. Smog clouds the skies, smoke fills the lungs and the health of any and all patrons is deminished continously. Though the garou of the area try their greatest to clear this area of what is suspected to be Wyrm influence, the choking darkness is simply too powerful for your average supernatural. Perfect for Wyrm worshippers...

Sub-board: The Coven

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No New Posts The Sewers

Located deep beneath the city streets and concentrated beneath the rumbling factories and the busy docks, society operates in shadow, where the Skylos like it to be. The terrible smells and inhospitable environment keeps the cruel Garou well away, with the exception of the occasional Bone Gnawer and Mokole. This is where the dog people manage to live in peace, stealing what they can from the surface before disappearing into the dark tunnels of the underground.

Sub-board: The Junction

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The Wyld

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No New Posts No Man's Land

This is as far as the humans may come into the domain of the Wyld, lest they have no concern for their well-being. Just across the great bridge lays a short stretch of dusty dirt and tree stumps maybe a few hundred feet wide. To your back, the city buzzes noisily but ahead, Gaia reaches out to you with open arms.

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No New Posts Wolf Wood

Somewhere out beyond the cattle ranches and wide-open grasslands, Gaia sprouts in full green hue, sneding forth her tallest children to reach the stars. The humans merely call this unexplored forest the Wolf Wood for the large number of canines that seem to lurk about in its shadows. But, even to this date, no mortal who has treversed the wood has ever come back alive.

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The Store

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No New Posts Miniatures

When artwork and images aren't exactly your strong point, Miniatures are essential. However, this is an online rp so, instead of minatures, we have templates you may color and customize to appear like your character.

1 1
No New Posts Concepts

Totally lost are we? Have no idea what you want to do for your character? Or, even more likely, too lazy to bother with it yourself? Some members might be kind enough to put their old characters up for adoption or to put up non-existant characters they simply mde up. You may take one, if you please.

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No New Posts Contests

Site wide competitions are fun, wouldn't you say? Any time we the staff decide to hold one, you can find the details and the winners in this board, though it's likely such threads will be made announcements anyway and seen everywhere.

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Sub-board: Victors

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The Club

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No New Posts Inquiries and Bothers

I'm sure you must be confused by now. About the site, about life in general, about what happened in the last episode of Spongebob. Whatever. Do not hesitate to ask. A stupid question is one kept to yourself.

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No New Posts Werewolf the Apocalypse

Ah yes, out reason for being here. The Werewolf: the Apocalypse universe maybe chatted or discussed or mindlessly spammed about, anything from character creation to a particular picture on a particular page in the book. Conversations about characters on this site also apply, since this is a W:tA forum.

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No New Posts Glyphs and Tales

Paintings, drawings, photos and more. Any and all visual-based expressions are to be posted with disgression. We do not tolerate explicit material, meaning no porn and nothing too sexually siuggestive. But, this is an R-rated site so gore is a given.

Sub-board: Howl-Out

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No New Posts Outside the Apocalypse

Pretty much everything else. If it has nothing to do with W:tA, then feel free to discuss it, to rant about it, debate about it, cry about it, make a poll about it, whatever. Games, movies, tv shows, a practicular breed of dog... the list goes on.

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by tayjoycrafteamsre
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No New Posts The Delirium

One stop rp shopping, that's the way I look at it. A place to post your links and your websites and whatever else you want to bother us with. Guests can use it, the more the merrier I suppose. Just read the rules.

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